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We are U.S. Claims Managers

Washington & Finnegan is a Claims Adjusting company serving all of California and a Third Party Administrator serving the United States. We are designed to handle our client's specific needs, focused on solution and resolution with the most beneficial outcome. With our industry experience and qualified professionals, we provide substantive investigation and reporting in a timely manner.

Insured's, underwriters, agents, brokers, and risk managers expect hands on service and control of the claims process. Our goal is therefore, to close files in an efficient and cost effective manner.

At Washington & Finnegan we understand that business cannot manage without talented individuals. That being the case, we take pride in recruiting and promoting the best talent. The best companies are repositories of skills that are hard to replicate.

We are knowledgeable and experienced claims professionals that understand proper and timely investigation is paramount in determining coverage, cause, and exposure. We are pro-active and on receipt of an assignment contact the insured or other involved parties immediately. Our work product is exceptional and assured through high quality control standards.


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